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Kol Nidrei!

The onset of Yom Kippur night is often referred to as Kol Nidrei night. Why was Kol Nidrei specifically chosen to herald in Yom Kippur? A review of what is stated in Kol Nidrei reveals that it is an official nullification of all types of vows and oaths that one may have declared during the …

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We Got It!

The Medrash relates the following tale. A man was taking a stroll in a beautiful meadow and noticed two birds fighting. The larger bird got enraged and struck and killed the other bird. Seeing the bird not moving and in a lifeless state, the large bird flew a short distance and plucked a blade of …

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Please Leave!

Reciting Yizkor on Yom Kippur is one of the universal and hallowed traditions of the day. After we read from the Torah, before the Mussaf service begins, we place the two Torah scroll that we read from side by side on the Bimah and a Talis is draped over them. There is an announcement – …

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