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One hundred and twenty years before G-d brought the great flood, he instructed the righteous Noach to begin building an ark. G-d provided Noach with the size and specifications of the ark. The reason G-d had Noach work for such a long time on the ark was so that people observing him working on this …

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Sunrise Sunset!

The Torah begins with the word Beraishis – “In the beginning”, and then goes on to describe each of the seven days of creation. Our Sages expound on the word Beraishis. Not only does this word mean “in the beginning of the world,” it is also to be read, “because of the beginning.” Because of …

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Book are Open!

From the beginning of Rosh Hashana until the conclusion of Yom Kippur, there are ten days, which are called Aseres Yemai Teshuva – The Ten Days of Repentance. Our Prophets tell us that during these days G-d is very near to us and yearns for us to move closer to Him through repentance and by …

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