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(Passover 5775) Open the Doors!

(Passover 5775) Open the Doors! Pesach is a special time, when family, friends, and at times random guests, gather to spend time together. This is particularly the case at the Seder where there is interaction, sharing of ideas, questions, answers and participating in the Mitzvos associated with the Seder. Sharing our tradition with others is …

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(Last Days of Pesach 5775) Miriam!

(Last Days of Pesach 5775) Miriam! The Hallel prayer of thanks and praise to the Almighty is recited on practically all holidays and semi-holidays. The blessings and chapters of the Hallel, taken from King David’s Psalms, capture a unique expression of a Jews’ thankfulness to the Almighty. In the second chapter of Hallel, we mention …

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