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Every so often, a question posed to me is, why do we celebrate Simchas Torah – dancing with the Torah – on the Holiday of Shemini Atzeres? It would seem to be a more befitting time to celebrate with the Torah on the holiday of Shavuos, which marks the time when G-d gave us the …

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When I was around eleven years old I was horsing around and one of the things I did was to make fun of how an old man danced. My mistake was that while I was acting so, my father happened to have been watching. A bit later, he called me over and told me, “You …

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Alone & Together!

Our Kabalistic Masters teach us that one of the sublime reasons for leaving our plush homes and dwelling in an outdoor hut with a simple roof covering during Succot is so that it be considered as if we are exiling ourselves. In case our judgment on Yom Kippur required us to go through some type …

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