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The special Holiday of Shavuos will envelop us on Thursday evening giving us an opportunity to bask in the holiness of the two days of the holiday with the added benefit of Shabbos as well. Shavuos represents the time when G-d gave us the Torah at Mount Sinai when He proclaimed the Ten Commandments in …

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Sneak By!

Last week I received the following text: Hi Rabbi Saks, Thank you for thinking of me! I appreciate it. I’m doing better today than I was yesterday. I have really bad anxiety. I hadn’t been out of the house nor have I gone anywhere since sometime in March. Yesterday I finally got myself to go …

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When is the Date!

As we stand poised a short few days before the Holiday of Shavuos, it is pertinent to reflect on the basics of the holiday. The Torah describes the holiday of Shavous as a holiday when the land owners in Israel are required to begin bringing their first budded fruits to the Temple and ceremoniously present …

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